The EMX-30 is a fully hands-free, dual iris imager intended for desktop, countertop and kiosk enrollment and authentication applications. This lightweight and compact system operates at a stand-off distance range of 32 to 35 cm. The EMX-30 features a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use and integrate, even for subjects with minimal acclimation.

The EMX-30 provides exclusive subject positioning distance indicators, so that the subject can quickly and reliably place his or her eyes within the capture zone. Thanks to its unique distance calculation capability, subjects no longer need to guess at or hunt for correct eye placement. LED’s located within the mirror’s display easily guide the subjects into the correct position: a blue light indicates too far away, red too close, and green indicates the correct distance.

The proprietary face-finding function makes this a touch-free system. The iris imager head automatically tilts to the correct angle for each subject, quickly adjusting for the subject’s height. This tilt head feature is also optically implemented, so that EMX-30 can be placed behind an optical glass or plastic partition, such as those found in a kiosk or outdoor protective enclosure.

The EMX-30 simultaneously collects both iris images. This real time image quality metrics assure that all images exceed the ISO 19794-6 standards for image quality, ensuring optical matching accuracy, even for very large subject populations. Highly affordable, the EMX-30 is USB-based, and requires only a minimally configured PC that is placed within the USB standard cable length to operate.

Note: The EMX-30 is fully backward compatible with EMX-10 installations. Please contact CMITech for more details.