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CMITECH CO., LTD is committed to protect the privacy of individuals who visit the website and who make use of the on-line facilities in compliance with ‘Encouragement of Use and Protection of the Information and Communication Network Act’.
This privacy policy provides you with information regarding what personal information CMITECH CO., LTD. collect and the purpose and methods of collecting them. Also, this privacy policy shows you how CMITECH CO., LTD. use your personal information and any effort CMITECH CO., LTD. make to protect your personal information.

This policy will be effective since July 1, 2018.

Agreement to collect and use personal information
CMITECH CO., LTD. is required to obtain your consent to collect and use your personal information. Once you agree upon the terms and conditions in the privacy policy or general conditions of CMITECH CO., LTD. by clicking the button “I agree”, it is deemed that you agree with CMITECH CO., LTD. to collect and use your personal information.

Information collected and purpose
CMITECH CO., LTD. makes sure that it collects the least amount of personal information which is necessary. Most parts in CMITECH CO., LTD’s web page is freely use without user registration. CMITECH CO., LTD., however, asks to write out personal information for the purpose of user confirmation, customer identification, inquiries, and website management and CMITECH CO., LTD. collects and uses the information to provide better service.
Period of possession and use of personal information
CMITECH CO., LTD. will destroy the collected personal information once the purpose of collection is achieved, or otherwise if the user requests destruction of applicable personal information.

CMITECH CO., LTD., however, may maintain the right to keep the information from destruction if CMITECH CO., LTD. needs to confirm the relationship, rights and duties related to the trade based on ‘Commercial Law’ and ‘Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act’ or if it is necessary to keep the personal information for some periods based on other applicable Law.

Records regarding contract or withdrawal of offer : 5 years
Records regarding payment and supply of products : 5 years
Records regarding customer complaint or dispute settlement : 3 years

Disclosure to third parties
CMITECH CO., LTD. does not offer or consign your personal information to third parties without your approval. CMITECH CO., LTD. will notify you of the matter regarding disclosure to third parties and obtain previous approval if needed.

If you feel that the CMITECH CO., LTD site is not abiding by its posted privacy policy, you should first contact us by e-mail at