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DMX-30 Dual Iris Imager for Logical Access Control

DMX-30 Dual Iris Imager for Logical Access Control
  • Highly cost effective for personal desktop use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • USB tethered
  • Readily integrated into logical access applications
  • Intuitive subject positioning guides
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The DMX-30 is a compact dual eye iris recognition system intended for personal logical access control applications. This system simultaneously captures both iris biometric images, providing highest quality iris images for failsafe authentication.

The DMX-30’s simple and intuitive user interface makes positioning fast and repeatable for all people. This system utilizes the same iris imager head as in CMITech’s EMX and EMA product lines, but positioning is manual rather than automated. A compact, manually adjustable base is supplied with each unit.

The DMX-30 provides exclusive subject positioning distance indicators, so that the subject can quickly and reliably place his or her eyes within the capture zone. Thanks to its unique distance calculation capability, subjects no longer need to guess at or hunt for correct eye placement. LED’s located within the mirror’s display easily guide the subjects into the correct position: a blue light indicates too far away, red too close, and green indicates the correct distance.

The system is USB tethered, which makes the DMX-30 highly cost effective, as iris image capture processing is performed on the local PC or laptop. It operates with minimal PC specifications of an Atom™ class X86™ processor on Windows™ 7 or 8, and 1 GB of RAM. CMITech also offers an SDK for integration into the Linux Ubuntu 12.04 operating system.