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Product Line Overview

EF-45 Introducing the EF-45 Dual Iris Recognition System

The industry's first dual iris recognition system to employ face display based subject positioning for an intuitive, fast and effortless user experience. The EF-45 is an embedded terminal with all image processing , iris encoding and matching on-board. It is intended for a large range of identity assurance applications, especially for which subjects may not be acclimated. The EF-45 meets ISO 10794-6 standards for iris image quality, thereby providing outstanding matching accuracy that is suitable for large scale identification (1:N) applications. The system also automatically captures high quality face images for record association or optional on-board face recognition.

BMT-20, Dual Iris System BMT-20 Binoculars type, dual iris system for enrollment and large scale civil ID programs.
EMX-30 EMX-30 Nominal 33 cm stand-off, dual iris system with auto-tilt and USB connectivity for desktop and countertop authentication.